Asa Galeozzie  - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Backing VOcals, Melodica
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - pIANO, hAMMOND AND sFX

The Puss Puss Band is a mostly studio-based musical duo from South Wales comprised of multi-instrumental artists Asa Galeozzie and Lee Pugh. Both have been active in the Welsh and U.K. music scenes as songwriters and session players while developing their own shared music and production style. That styles builds on a stark indie folk and rock base and adds in influences from Brian Wilson to Burt Bacharach, creating a lush and enveloping sound rich in emotions and ear candy.


Asa and Lee have put a high value on fearless songwriting and it is plain to hear on their debut release Echoes Across the Cruel Sea. It was unleashed in April, 2017 and features keys throughout by special guest John Rabbit Bundrick, who has worked with The Who, Roger Waters, and Bob Marley. The record is a masterful study in being ambient and emotional all at once and displays a unique-yet-accessible sound that is difficult to adequately label. Songs like 

“Perfect World” and “Thinking of You” have a reverb-soaked yearning to them that renders them breathtakingly human and real. 


The Puss Puss Band is currently out promoting Echoes Across the Cruel Sea by playing live sets, including some live acoustic work captured by the BBC. Its mix of strong songs, a unique production style, and Asa and Lee’s realness is quickly catching on and gaining fans. They turn simple songs into pocket epics that make perfect sense upon the first listen. This music has the 

capacity to touch souls around the world and fans of great emerging songwriters will want to join this party early on.