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Echoes Across the Cruel Sea is a well-crafted album, with outstanding production values. The Puss Puss Band’s lyrics, music and vocals are all stellar, making this an album I can listen to on repeat – which I have done!  

"..vocals are so seductive they could lure a turtle out of its shell!"


 - Eclectic Music Lover 2017


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"The Puss Puss Band have created a damn fine collection of Pop/Folk songs, and have labelled this sonic gift as ‘Echoes Across The Cruel Sea’
With sincere melodies and songwriting that can only be described as accomplished, they deliver an established, mature sound that makes the new listener feel like they’re already acquainted" - Music Blog Wales 2017

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"Not since Simon and Garfunkel, Tears for Fears, or Burt Bacharach have we, the listening audience, been given great story telling as this" - 2017

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"...Welsh Americana at its very best, with just enough auspicious grandeur to raise it above its contemporaries.." 
Mike Kennedy-Welsh Connections 2017

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"Excellent!" - Jamie Owen BBC Radio Wales 2017

"Listen to their Acoustic guitar work.
It’s like a Tapestry of mingling, jangling guitars,
all playing different parts and sometimes even different genre’s
all mixed together, yet all working together…Excellent mathematics.


Asa’s drums have gaps at times that makes all of their songs
breath in & out. Just enough to brilliantly weave with the acoustic guitars.


I particularly love the Bass playing. It’s strong, yet not in the way of anything else.
Just a good, rock-solid bottom to weigh down the rest of the music.
Melodic and solid Bass work….


As for the vocals….Lee has a breath-taking's mesmerising and unlike anyone who I have ever heard in all my past session works or the charts.
A blend of wistfully, lazy strong loudness on his voice,
surrounded by his ‘Breathiness” as though he is singing half asleep.
The vocals sit on top of a band of talented musicians who have the ability
to ‘Hit the Nail on the Head’ with their own mixing & producing talents..


I hope that everyone who hears their music
will recognise the same authentic things that I do.

                 John Rabbit Bundrick